Earth Voice Food Choice Manual


Getting Real About Our Food Choices


A multimedia project for Teachers, Parents, Young People and Food Personnel

Heathy Food & Environmental Education Project



An easy to implement multimedia project with two main tools for outreach,
the Earth Voice Food Choice Manual and Streaming Video Presentation.

What administrators are saying about
Earth Voice Food Choice…


200 Pages, 8.5” x 11” Manual with 100 Recipes, and useful Letters, Announcements Articles

“The response of the students has been very positive, and a number of students have decided to switch to a plant-based diet altogether. It is without reservation that I highly recommend this project.”

Mimi Fortunato

Teacher, New York, NY

“Your visit to my class and others at Arvida Middle School made an enormous impact. I have heard so many students talk about changing their eating and buying habits.”

Linda Zack

Teacher, Miami, FL

About the Earth Voice Food Choice Program

Earth Voice Food Choice is a “How to” manual for anyone who wants to initiate a healthy food and education project in their schools, homes, camps, or institutions. This Manual contains over 350 documented facts, history of the USDA, proven field tested strategies for implementing the project in schools, how to present to students, actions students can take to inspire government to support the concept of healthier foods in schools, useful information and kitchen preparation ideas for food personnel, institutional size recipes that fit within the RDA’s and the USDA’s meal pattern requirements, delicious recipes for home use, handouts for students and parents, letters of introduction, news articles, announcements and everything else you will need to implement a successful project.

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Full Table of Contents – Expanded Chapter Section Listing
Introduction – Welcome to the Earth Voice Food Choice Project
About the Author – Todd Winant’s Passionate Pursuit of Education and Activism
Our Vision – Earth Voice Food Choice Mission Statement
Chapter 1 – Earth’s Life Support Systems
Chapter 2 – Livestock vs. the Environment
Chapter 3 – Food Choices & Natural Resources
Chapter 4 – Food Contamination
Chapter 5 – Animal Welfare
Chapter 6 – Foods & Disease
Chapter 7 – The Plant Kingdom
Chapter 8 – Super Heroes For Health
Chapter 9 – The USDA& the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
Chapter 10 – Implementing the Earth Voice Food Choice Project
Chapter 11 – Presenting to Young People
Chapter 12 – The Need for Involvement
Chapter 13 – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 14 – Plant-Based Food Preparation for Schools, Camps, Institutions & Homes
Chapter 15 – Plant-Based Food Recipes for Schools, Camps, Institutions & Homes
Chapter 16 – Handouts
Chapter 17 – Letters, Announcements & Articles
End Notes – Bibliography, References and Acknowledgements

Earth Voice Food Choice Manual Recipe Collection:
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Other Earth Voice Food Choice Manual Support Materials: All Handouts, Letters, Announcements and Articles from the Earth Voice Food Choice Manual are available free as downloadable printable PDF files. CLICK HERE to see the list

Video Introduction

“As a mother of a six year old, I personally appreciate your efforts to promote healthy balanced options. These issues are a growing concern to our students, as well as the community at large.”

Diane K. Siri

Superintendent of Schools, Santa Cruz, CA

“I think that our administration should look at this project that we have. It’s a plant-based lunch and it’s a wonderful thing. And to bring it into more schools and more work places too, would be a really great idea. We’re all going to benefit from it, there’s nothing that could go wrong.”

11th grade student (name masked)

Santa Cruz High

“After listening to your presentation, I am convinced that a Healthy Lunch Program is imperative if we expect our children to make good choices about their food intake, and ultimately their health.”

Claudia Brown

Assistant Principal, Leisure City, FL