Todd Winant

Todd Winant created and narrated the Earth Voice Food Choice DVD and is the author of the Earth Voice Food Choice Manual. He has been a health and environmental educator and public speaker since 1988. Todd has implemented educational projects about healthy food in schools across the United States and has motivated others to achieve success with this project in their areas.

Todd Winant, founder of Earth Voice Food Choice and
the creator of the original Healthy School Lunch Program.

Todd’s Story

One evening, after a good day of surfing, I awakened to a new reality. I realized that the water was polluted with floating garbage and sewage and the beach was littered with hospital waste. I became aware of the routine practice of ocean dumping. I realized if I wanted change, I would have to take action. I realized that the natural world was missing from my life, so I started camping and backpacking and became more connected to the environment.
I joined Greenpeace in the mid-1980s to help in their effort to stop ocean dumping. I studied anatomy and physiology to learn more about the human body and searched for the causes of human disease. I researched many environmental problems and their causes. I learned how the animal and chemical agriculture industries were affecting our lives and our world in a negative way. I went to South Dakota to talk to the Lakota People on the reservations about food choices. I knew that many of the diseases that were afflicting them were caused by their diets.
Much to my dismay, I learned that the USDA was supplying unhealthy foods to these people, in the form of commodities that it had to dispose of because government subsidy programs had caused overproduction. More research led me to the fact that the USDA was supplying these same unhealthy commodity foods to over 50 million young people in America’s schools. The Lakota People taught me that all life on Earth is sacred and related to each other. I prayed for the children to receive this information.
In 1992, I joined the staff of EarthSave International in Santa Cruz, California, to help create and direct a program that would educate young people, teachers and food personnel about the problems that poor diets cause. This effort gave birth to the Healthy School Lunch Program and Healthy School Lunch Action Guide. In 1997, I moved to Sedona, Arizona, and continued to evolve this work and fine-tune the project.
In 1989, I first had the vision of getting this message to the people. Now I can offer the culmination of this work to you: The Earth Voice Food Choice Manual and the Earth Voice Food Choice DVD. Anyone interested in live presentations, please use our contact form. In the spirit of a healthier future for all, Todd Winant.

“This is a subject, which all students (and most adults, for that matter) clearly need to be made more aware of. I found that the majority of my students were surprised and enlightened by what they had learned.”

Mark Testa

Science Teacher, New York, NY

Todd Winant is the creator of the original Healthy School Lunch Program
18 years of field-tested research in America’s schools
Earth Voice Food Choice Evolution

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